Take Your Revenue Opportunities to New Heights

Why Kambr?

I want to:

Generate more revenue in less time. 

Margins are thin, competitors are fierce and markets move fast. So should you. We help low-cost airlines increase revenue, grow margins, and capture market share through improved revenue management and total offer optimization. Say goodbye to antiquated platforms and hello to a strategic software solution that lets you manage and forecast profitability. With Kambr, you can build better. 

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Access relevant, real-time revenue data to see how your cash flow stacks up. 

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Execute market maneuvers at the speed of insight.

When the way you've always done it doesn't do it anymore.

Excessive data wrangling, inconsistent processes, black-box algorithms, and a patchwork of antiquated systems. It doesn’t have to be this way–that’s why Kambr exists.

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Fuel the continuous improvement engine with unified user workflows, a 360° market view, and codeless automation

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Spend less time on busywork and more time doing work that matters with real-time insights and data actioning

Data that drives better decision-making

Action data--now. Boost passenger load factor, and increase profit margins faster with airline analytics and revenue management data science. Our open architecture makes data integrations simple and easy.

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View global customer intent data to assess your customers' purchasing habits

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See the data you need to rapidly respond to  market needs and boot satisfaction

Prepare for takeoff. 

Fuel your startup airline the revenue it needs to survive and thrive for years to come. Get your airline startup off the ground with the most advanced airline revenue management tool built for the unique needs of startup and low-cost airlines

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Lean on the expertise of C-level management to provide recommendations on implementation and best practice cost management. 

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Gain marketing, network planning and merchandising skills at the commercial level. 

Design the way your users engage

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities, turn insight into action, and drive rapid continuous improvement with a unique approach to revenue management data science and airline analytics.

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Drag-and-drop crossfilters engage analysts with fast insights and rapid action.

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Effortless visibility engages stakeholders throughout the commercial department, driving powerful collaborative conversations.

Eddy's Ready to Be Your Co-Pilot

Kambr's combination of industry expertise and agile software will take you from runway to revenue and beyond…

Stop guessing where and how your team can be most efficient. Strategize workflows based on actionable results. With Kambr's unique airline software solution, you'll tap into intuitive workflows, real-time streaming, and automated intelligence to expedite repeated tasks.

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Meet the Team Behind the Brand

Since 2019, we've been on a mission to alleviate pressure on airline operators, leaders, and travelers by providing a hub of software, enhanced by both consultancy and content. 

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The Sky's the Limit

We help low-cost airlines around the world to drive revenue results.

20+ airlines rely on our software and services
7-12% leverage automation and an intuitive user design to manage more flights
15% increase in revenue potential
1,000+ analyst hours saved so your team can focus on strategic tasks.