Lifting Airlines' Revenue
& Efficiency

Kambr is built on software, but powered by people. In order to lift airlines, it's not an either-or solution. The way forward requires a symbiotic approach including people, processes AND tools. This is what drives the right decisions and defines the outcomes that matter most. This is the Kambr way!

How Lift Happens

Through software, consultancy and content.

Save time and money while improving revenue results. Through efficiency, automation and actionable data, our Eddy software empowers analysts to make better revenue management decisions faster.

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Our advisory group is focused on demand optimization and efficiency. Our mission is to provide Kambr’s growing list of clients with data-driven guidance and education that leads to greater revenues and greater productivity.

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Kambr Media is shaping the discussion around technology, commercial optimization and revenue management; guiding revenue analysts, marketers, digital innovators and C-levels to propel the aviation sector forward.


Where Lift Happens

We service airlines around the globe

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Need help with your revenue management process? Have a killer idea of commercial aviation content? Simply have a question you'd love to get consultation on? We love to talk shop, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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