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Save time and money while improving revenue results. Through efficiency, automation and actionable data our software empowers analysts to make better revenue management decisions faster.

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Revenue management is on the cusp of transformation. Airlines need systems that embrace new data and technology and manage the entire commercial process. Kambr has the domain expertise and vision to deliver this future.

Steven Greenway, President

Our advisory group is focused on demand optimization. Our mission is to provide Kambr’s growing list of clients with data-driven guidance that leads to greater revenues and greater productivity.

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Measured Using Industry-Leading & Kambr-Developed KPIs 


How does my ancillary strategy
compare to the market leaders?


Am I getting the most out of my
commercial systems and processes?

Managed Services

Where can I find experienced practitioners to guide my revenue management staff? 


How should my overbooking approach keep pace with a new passenger bill of rights?

With Kambr Managed, LEVEL saw increases in both analyst productivity and revenue performance in a matter of weeks.

Aurelius Noell, Chief Commercial Officer

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Kambr Media is shaping the discussion around technology, commercial optimization and revenue management; guiding revenue analysts, marketers, digital innovators and C-levels to propel the aviation sector forward. 

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Just wanted to personally say how much I enjoy reading Kambr Media articles. Every time it comes into my inbox, I stop and read. I have started passing along to my staff as well.

Melissa Skluzacek, Sr. Director - Ancillary Pricing and Analytics

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