Lifting Airlines' Revenue & Efficiency

The way forward requires a symbiotic approach including people, processes AND tools. Kambr is built on software, but powered by people. This is what drives the right decisions and defines business-accelerating outcomes for your airline. This is the Kambr way!

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About Us

Lifting Commercial Aviation

Kambr is derived from the word ‘camber’ – the shape of the wing which generates lift, enabling flight. Kambr was founded in 2019 as Kambr Inc., with a mission to unconstrain airline operators, leaders and travelers, through a hub of software, consultancy and content. We established three divisions (Advisory, Media and Solutions) to help airlines around the world in their pursuit to optimize commercial processes and lift revenues.

Aviation has changed our way of life — we believe it has yet to reach its full potential. We're leading the movement bringing travelers and travel into harmony.

Operator Experience Built on Empathy

The founding team are at their core #avgeeks who have dedicated their careers to aviation, specifically commercial departments.  All have held the role of revenue analyst, continuing to direct analyst teams, build software, lead companies, advise start-up airlines and restructure existing airlines. Collectively, they have a proven track record of success with over 100 global airline customers.

Our culture is centered on being good humans and supporting fellow Kambrians first, while maintaining a relentless focus on helping airlines navigate change. Having directly experienced the difficulty airline commercial teams face first-hand, there is nothing the Kambr team wants more than to see the industry thrive. We are enablers of change, providing the tools and processes to transform how airline commercial teams operate.

What Fuels Us

Our foundation is our values. They describe us at our core and guide us. We never waver from them. It defines today’s culture while propelling us to our culture of tomorrow.

One hand holding another hand to lift it up

Be courageous and honest, always — especially when it's hard

A number of hands raised up in the air

Respect for, and service to others' authentic selves

Illustration of a a green octopus holding onto a book, pencil, phone, and rolled up piece of paper

Relentless dedication to learning and growth

Two cupped hands holding the Kambr software log in their palms

Assume good intentions in others and be kind to yourself

Illustration of a laughing man and woman with confetti behind them

Strive to bring joy to your work and others

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