We Are Kambr

Our mission is to help airlines navigate the challenges of digital transformation by lifting their revenues through analyst-built, operator-designed products. 

About Us

At Kambr, we believe that aviation is on the brink of revolution and that airline commercial operations are overdue for change. 

A perfect storm has been steadily brewing to disrupt the industry status quo. The ever-evolving airline-passenger relationship, digitalization, an explosion of data sources and a host of new technologies have shaken traditional models and methods to their core. 

Kambr is best placed to help airlines steer clear of the turbulence. 

Our differentiator is our people-centric view of products and solutions. 

  • The demand analyst is at the heart of our software 
  • The commercial operator is the focus of our advisory efforts 

  • The airline insider is the audience for our content media 

All designed, built and delivered by an unmatched team of airline analysts, operators and insiders. 

Learn more about our mission and why we exist. Check out the Medium post from our co-founder and CEO:

Our Investors

When investing in startups, we look for entrepreneurs with unique insights on a market, exceptional product sensibilities, and a bias towards execution. The Kambr team is accomplishing major feats in a market most have considered impossible to innovate in and we're confident that they're charting a path to success.

Micah Rosenbloom, Managing Partner at Founder Collective

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