About Us

Kambr Inc.

Kambr Inc. is the holding company of Kambr Media. Kambr is derived from the aeronautical term “camber” which refers to the asymmetry between the two acting surfaces of a wing. Just as camber is literally how an airplane’s lift happens, Kambr gives clients the tools, insights and processes necessary to lift their revenues via our software, content and advisory solutions.

Kambr Media

The Front Page of the Commercial Aviation Industry.

Kambr Media is the destination where top influencers, decision makers and thought leaders come together to discuss news, trends and analysis from the airways.

Kambr Media's goal is to educate and facilitate interactive discussions about the news and trends facing airlines - how they manage consumer air travel, connect with the traveling public, and promote the travel experience - in today’s dynamic digital world.

We are committed to independent and objective analysis and reporting of airline brands, technology providers, and related industry vendors driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution across the aviation space.

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