Propelling Airline Revenue 
& Productivity  

Traditional consulting methods only partially meet the needs of today’s airline commercial departments. At Kambr, our philosophy is that  optimal results are achieved by fusing global, industry best practices with the operator’s nuanced insights. Our team of advisors is universal, practical, wide-ranging, yet approachable. 

With Kambr Managed, LEVEL saw increases in both analyst productivity and revenue performance in a matter of weeks.

Aurelius Noell, Chief Commercial Officer

Operator Experience Matters. That’s Why We’ve Lived the Job

We combine decades of airline and vendor gleaned know-how with lifelong commitments to achievement. Our ranks include commercial directors, systems experts, start-up specialists, mentors and trainers; but there is one thing we share: a passion for aviation and analytics. And we love partnering with our customers to produce results. 

We Solve Your Problems

Airlines inhabit an unforgiving landscape. Cutthroat competition, outdated technology, inadequate training, complex regulation; all drag down profitability. Like with many industries, the internet upended the status quo, adding new navigational challenges. But with these upheavals, also comes opportunity. We help you turn these opportunities into value.  

We Work Agnostically 

We have no constraints. We work with all carriers big and small, low-cost, full-service and everything in between. Our work experience covers every continent. Our expertise encompasses all facets of the commercial apparatus. We partner with professionals at every level of an airline and are undaunted by any kind of technology. Whether it’s an analyst using an RM system or an executive looking to link their CRM and marketing tools, we can help.   

We Guide Solutions Adoptions with Our  Implementation Tool Kit

We provide a tailored approach that ensures great software is amplified through proven processes and practical use cases. As any trusted advisor should, we are available to carry ideas and suggestions through to integration, measurement and review. 


Ready to Lift Your Commercial Performance? 

Tell us the challenges and problems you are facing, and we will let you know how our advisors can help.

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