It’s the Kambrian Way That Makes the Difference

Kambr offers a portfolio of advisory services to the airline industry. Originating from successful careers at commercial airlines, our advisors find practical solutions to make your business more successful.

Aviation is an industry riddled with complexity, chronic overcapacity and cutthroat competition at the best of times. Kambr’s rigorous methods and domain-expert team make the difference.

What We Do

Strategy & Process

We study your processes, and help you improve them, your decisions and your decision making.

We bring with us real-world best-practices and solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and unique strength in seeing both the big picture as well as managing micro-detail sets us apart from other advisory providers.


Applying our comprehensive systems and domain expertise, we help you build a world-class team

Our interactive and engaging training approach ensures long-term improvement. Regardless of experience level, we facilitate accelerated learning and knowledge-transfer. With our distinctive and diverse systems knowledge, we know  applications inside and out.

Managed Services

We offer you the possibility to benefit from our qualified staff without long-term employment commitments.

Rather than making a difficult choice between losing revenue opportunities or adding staff in a precarious environment, let Kambr do the work. We can work full-time for you at both an analyst or a managerial level for the precise amount of time needed.

Revenue management is on the cusp of transformation. Airlines need systems that embrace new data and technology and manage the entire commercial process. Kambr has the domain expertise and vision to deliver this future.
Steven Greenway, President
The implementation phase, designed and carried out by Kambr Advisory, was quick and painless. The software directly integrates with our reservation system, New Skies and even our own internal data science practices.
Amanda Woo, Chief Commercial Officer, AirAsia
With the expertise and guidance of Kambr, we were able to fully understand the reasoning behind PROS' recommendation engine. They helped us in developing the confidence to effectively understand and leverage the application. The level of service provided by Kambr has exceeded our expectations and their level of expertise is hard to find elsewhere.
Charles Johnson, CCO, Air Seychelles
Kambr Advisory provided us with fantastic preparation for the evolution of our business model. They studied our operations in detail and have provided value behind many of our commercial decisions on many fronts.  And finally, their training program was practical, extremely useful and proved to be a memorably appreciated occasion for the team. It was more impactful than we ever imagined.
Olcay Türker, CFO, Corendon Airlines

Who We Are

A group of commercial airline experts with wide-ranging domain experience; all with a track record of on-the-job success.

Experience in all commercial fields, from revenue and ancillary management, to network planning and sales.

Experience in change management, adapting to new models and market realities.

We work with all business models: ULCCs, full-service carriers, charters, and everything in between.

Our in-the-field advisors are supported by a team of highly experienced analysts and data scientists.

What We've Done

Helped leading LCCs improve their processes and make better use of their revenue management system.

Helped charter and full-service carriers
convert their business model and improve their commercial capabilities.

Trained staff on system use
at both full-service and low-cost carriers.

Conducted health checks and systems diagnostics
at a number of airlines around the world.

Provided in-house revenue management services
for a variety of carriers in Europe and the Americas.

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There’s nothing we love more than providing lift to commercial airlines. There is no task too difficult — we love being challenged! Give us a bit of information about your airline and we’ll be in touch.

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