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We offer a host of services tailored to meet diverse commercial needs.  

  • We work with you to design your strategy and company business model
  • We improve your commercial processes and practices
  • We do the work for you while you focus on staffing

Aviation is an industry riddled with complexity, chronic overcapacity and cutthroat competition at the best of times.

Time can be costly. The ability to move quickly and effectively can be the difference between success and failure.

Our Strategy and Positioning Work

Survival in the rapidly changing airline industry requires continuous adaptation. To adapt is to survive. With over 120 years of combined aviation experience, our expert aviation team can help you adapt your strategy to changing technology, new competitors and evolving customer habits and expectations.

Struggling to get the most out of your existing system?

We provide know-how, hands-on assistance and team training across all your commercial functions.

Need pricing and revenue management support?

We apply our years of first-hand operator experience to run your most important commercial operations.

Workflow and organizational structure need improvement?

We partner with you to reposition your strategies and processes to adapt to the changing world.

Your business models need a reevaluation?

We advise full-service carriers, hybrids and low-cost airlines on adapting to the ever-changing market.

Processes and Practices

Having the right strategy without the right execution is a common problem in the airline industry. The cost of poor execution is incredibly high, leading to:

  • Suboptimal prices in the market
  • Ineffective distribution strategy
  • An incomplete understanding of passenger behavior
  • Slow decision-making processes
  • Other missed revenue opportunities

Our projects and research have revealed some startling truths:

  • Airlines utilizing less than 50% of their RM system's full potential
  • Product and distribution strategies unaligned with customer demand segmentation
  • Analysts spending the bulk of their time overloaded with the vast amounts of data instead of gaining insight and taking action

Airlines are leaving significant revenue on the table due to poor execution.

We help you recover lost revenue through better execution.

We adapt revenue management and other commercial practices to your needs through training and on-the-job guidance.

You will benefit from:

  • More insightful and timely analytics
  • Better use of your systems
  • Quicker reaction time and decision making
  • Greater team confidence and initiative
  • Relevant pricing and inventory strategies

Undergoing a business change?
Or are you a start-up?


Set up the revenue management department and all its functions for you.

Advise on pricing and optimization solutions

Train your team to quickly learn their new roles and responsibilities – produce efficient system use

Provide system selection/set-up advice; offer strategic direction

We can negotiate for you with airports and vendors, design  your network and product positioning, and much more


Getting an airline off the ground is hard. Just getting started can appear like a bridge too far.

Don’t fret, we have world-wide experience launching and scaling dozens of airlines. Tap into our know-how to lift your project from the drawing board. Our hands-on approach will move you forward in a short amount of time.

• Business modelling and planning
• Terms and Conditions
• Commercial Process designs
• System Selection and/or Implementation
• Team Selection and/or Training
• Network Planning and Schedule Building
• Revenue Management and Ancillary practices
• Temporary supply of staff in any commercial function
• Supplier Negotiations
• Reporting/KPI Structure and Implementation

Training Your Team

The most important resource behind the execution of your ideas are your staff.

Your success depends both on the quality of your staff and fully leveraging the functionality of your existing systems.

Kambr’s in-depth knowledge of different revenue management systems and practices and its highly-successful and hands-on training programs will give your team the practical training they need to immediately produce improved results on a daily basis.

Our industry-leading, interactive and dynamic training programs ensure your teams get the education they need while having fun and bonding over a shared experience.

We train on systems and help you get those most out of them.

We train on revenue management and ancillary best practices.

We work with both experienced teams as well as beginners.

Our programs run across the industry from low-cost airlines and hybrids to full-service carriers.

System impact
is sub-optimal?

We help circumvent system complexity and undecipherable course and configuration material.

And most importantly, we teach your team the tricks of the trade – what tools work, and importantly, which ones don’t.

Team skill set needs
an upgrade?

Want to ramp-up new analysts quicker?

Need to transition route analysts into team leaders?

We will accelerate the learning curve of your team with evident revenue benefits.

Restructuring your business or
in a start-up phase?

We will train your revenue management team to quickly learn their new roles and responsibilities – so they are most effective from day one.

We will guide your business in using your revenue management, ancillary management and PSS systems to their maximum effect – producing optimal software ROI.

In-House Managed Services

Being agile and efficient is more important now than ever before. Kambr allows you to move quickly by providing you with the best commercial operators available.
No recruitment, no onboarding — just results

Your team is your
most important asset.

Choosing them well is key to your business and is a process that should never be rushed.

With Kambr, you find the skills you need immediately, and we can also help you select the right long-term staffing solution.

We can work full-time at both an analyst or a managerial level.

We can establish a commercial function, fill in the gaps or run the entire operation. The choice is yours.

Transitioning to alternative staffing solutions is made easy – as Kambr manages the onboarding and handover processes.

We cover Revenue Management, Ancillary Management, Network Planning and Distribution Strategy.

Is your airline expanding rapidly?

We help you move quickly in order to take advantage of market opportunities, allowing you to take the right time to staff your team appropriately.

Are available budgets and/or staff commitments unclear?

We provide flexibility and adaptability – quickly meet existing requirements while testing the market and evaluating options.

Constrained by staff availability?

Let Kambr cover your staff requirements, and if required, we can also help you recruit and onboard who you need.

Are you a start-up? Or changing your business model?

Don’t waste precious time. We can get your commercial functions up and running quickly – and staff them with best people available, our Kambr experts.

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