Quickly Analyze Data to Identify New Opportunities

Eddy presents the most impactful data front and center so analysts immediately know when and where to focus their attention.

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Centralize All Your Information Into a Single Dashboard

Thanks to Eddy's modular design, you can connect all of your data to a centralized dashboard instead of constantly switching between screens.

Interactive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard & Reporting
Data Discovery
Robust Data Discovery Capabilities
Trend Analysis
Trend Analysis & Pattern Recognition
Data Storytelling
Data Storytelling
Dashboard Insights
Dashboard Insights
Data Extraction & Reporting
Data Extraction & Reporting

Make Sense of Your Data

We help you understand what your data means, where your analysts should focus their attention, and what information is accurate and can be relied on. 

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Gain Accurate Reports & Performance Reviews 

Have complete oversight over past and present team performance and democratize data within your airline with easy-to-understand reports.

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