Optimize Your Current System

As an industry, aviation is often bogged down by complex processes and resource crunch. We help you manage your staffing and resourcing needs and provide ongoing training so you can find and fulfill more revenue-boosting opportunities. 

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Agile Operations 

Too often, airline operations fall short of their goals because they fail to adapt to the evolving market. With years of operational experience in the industry, we keep you abreast of the latest trends so you can strategize based on evolving customer habits and expectations. 

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Increased Revenue

On average, airlines are only using 50% of their revenue management's full potential. We help airlines like yours harness that potential with an optimized product and distribution strategies to improve your day-to-day execution and increase your revenue. 

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Enhanced Productivity 

Time-consuming tasks can become costly. By focusing on enhanced workflows and intuitive software functions, we help you carry out daily tasks more quickly and effectively so you can work toward long-term goals for your aviation business. 

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Taking Your Business Higher

We work with you to design a strategy and company business model to ahcieve your goals. 

Hands On
Hands-on assistance to assess your commercial functions
Team Training
Team training to optimize your workflows and productivity
Revenue Management
Pricing and revenue management support
Business Model
Business model consultation so you can adapt as the market evolves
Accelerated Problem Solving
Accelerated decision-making and reactive problem-solving
Data & Intelligence
Insightful and timely analytics to improve the user experience

Post-Launch Support

We make sure you and your teams have the ongoing assistance you need to explore and maximize Eddy as you build and grow your operational processes. 

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Setup For Startups and Business Planning

Getting an airline off the ground is a major undertaking. At Kambr, we have worldwide experience launching and scaling dozens of airlines. We move you further, faster, so you can manage basic business operations including modeling and planning, terms and conditions, supplier negotiations, and system selection and implementation.

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In-House Managed Services

Recruitment and onboarding cost time and money. At Kambr, we work with you to develop nimble commercial operations and best practices based on our years of experience in the aviation industry. 

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Ongoing Training and Skill Sharing

Your team is your most important asset. We support you long-term with ongoing training opportunities that include topics such as:

  • Revenue Management
  • Ancillary Management
  • Network Planning
  • Distribution Strategy