Manage More Flights

Access and analyze airline data so you know what's working for other airlines and what will work best for you. With Eddy's unique AI and machine learning innovation, you can streamline, expedite, and automate the decision-making process. 

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Turn Data into Action

Eliminate low-value data wrangling so you can tap into comprehensive, commercial data at top speed. When you can easily identify the pain points your airline faces day in and day out, you'll pave the way for profitability. With Eddy, you can create your own dashboards to address your unique set of KPIs and track revenue goals across network.

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turn data into action


Strategize for the Future 

By monitoring data in real time, you can increase your revenue opportunities and improve analyst retention. Using Eddy's visual decision tree, you can see clearly the effects of your decisions and the long-term implications before taking action. 

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Where to Next?

With Eddy, you can make educated decisions for the future. Learn how If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) automation helps analysts like you make quick strategic moves to optimize operational efficiency and increase revenue opportunities. Better insights mean continuous improvements for your daily operations and workflows. With more control in the hands of analysts, satisfaction and retention increase. 

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Who We Serve

We're proud to join forces with analysts like you to provide the best software solution in the industry. 

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Choose Your Cloud

Get the technology boost you need without complicating your tech stack. Eddy supports on-cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud, as well as hybrid environments. 

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Choose Your Integrations

Snap Kambr together with your in-house technology so you can plug-and-play in a matter of minutes. We integrate with the relevant data sources you need to make important decisions. 

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Choose Your Workflow

Kambr's agile software keeps you in control. Create and edit workflow templates so teams can collaborate without missing a beat.