At the beginning of 2021, it was officially announced that AirAsia selected and accelerated the implementation of Kambr's revenue management system Eddy. AirAsia selected Kambr in large part because of its system's structure.

"One of the unique features of Kambr’s platform is its flexibility. You can achieve incremental improvement without having to rip out your entire tech stack and endure a painful implementation phase,” said Amanda Woo, AirAsia’s Chief Commercial Officer in the press release announcing the selection.

The partnership was a momentous event for Kambr at the time. Signing one of the biggest low-cost carriers put the aviation industry on notice.

T2RL highlighted the customer acquisition in one of its reports, writing at the time, "Kambr, a recent start-up in the revenue management field has won the business of AirAsia, one of the giants of the LCC world, for its Eddy RM system... [to] establish Kambr as one of the market leaders in Revenue Management."

Now that we are wrapping up the third quarter of 2022, we thought now would be a great time to check in.

Fortunately, a case study was published on the collaboration between Kambr and AirAsia. While we'll cover the highlights in this article, you can download the full case study here.

Changing with the Times

Given the new post-Covid world, not only did the dynamics of the aviation industry change, but so did the way all of us work.

This brought on new variables such as remote work and a challenging labor market. That coupled with ever-changing market dynamics have completely reshaped past processes.

“Now more than ever, we need tools that are agile and allow us to adapt to ongoing changes to not only our industry but also to our world,” said Paul Carroll, AirAsia’s Group Head of Revenue Management and Network Planning.

Intuitive System & Hands-On Support

Fortunately, Eddy is specifically designed around how analysts think and work. The RM system’s intuitive user design guides analysts to the flights they should be working on while providing streamlined workflows for easily repeatable processes.

“With Kambr’s Eddy, we finally feel like we have a system that can move as fast as we do."

Users are given the utmost flexibility and can easily access it anywhere, anytime thanks to Eddy being a web-based, cloud-hosted application.

Kambr also set up AirAsia for long-term success. Not only did Kambr onboard AirAsia’s team onto Eddy in an agile, contactless manner, but it also provided the necessary revenue management training that’s essential for less experienced employees as well as ongoing support from the Kambr team.

AirAsia Saves Hundreds of Analyst Hours per Month

By switching to Kambr’s Eddy, AirAsia is able to make better, faster revenue decisions. The result is hundreds of analyst hours saved and greater analyst job satisfaction.

“With Kambr’s Eddy, we finally feel like we have a system that can move as fast as we do," said Carroll. We are no longer hindered by traditional setups and can see and react to changes in demand as they happen.”

Once again, you can download the full case study here.