The Dominican Republic-based airline will leverage the functionality of Eddy & The Expertise of Kambr Advisory services. 

Arajet Airlines has selected Kambr’s Eddy software as its revenue management system.

Additionally, the Dominican Ultra Low Fares airline will enlist the services of Kambr’s team to not only guide the implementation of Eddy, but also help develop and optimize revenue management processes.  

Kambr Is the Recipient of Positive Industry Feedback

As part of the implementation process, Kambr will be integrating with Arajet’s passenger-service system (PSS) in order to streamline data flow between the two systems.

"Kambr, with its agile and scalable software, highly praised services and hands-on LCC expertise was a clear choice for us.”

Kambr’s Eddy solution has been designed with flexibility in mind and is compatible with many PSS platforms.

“We did significant due diligence when deciding what team and technology to use to build our next generation revenue management capabilities, including consulting with RM experts in the aviation industry,” said Greg Tarniowy, VP Revenue at Arajet Airlines.

“We want to be a game changer in the region, unlocking the pent-up demand for air travel at unmatched prices. Kambr, with its agile and scalable software, highly praised services and hands-on LCC expertise was a clear choice for us.”

As part of the agreement with Arajet, Kambr will help the airline build its revenue management capabilities from the ground up, establishing a strong foundation for both now and the future as the airline scales.  

Arajet Will Soon connect Americas as first Ultra Low-Fares Carrier based in Dominican Republic

The selection of Kambr happens in lockstep with the launch of the airline.

On August 8, 2022 Arajet commenced ticket sales of its initial 13 routes and will have its inaugural flight on September 15, becoming a low-fare option for travel on direct flight to and from the Dominican Republic via its fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, which will grow to 45 aircraft over next5 years.

“We’re elated to have both another Latin American and another startup airline as a customer and help Arajet construct its RM operations without the hinderance of any existing processes or problems,” said Jason Kelly, Kambr CEO.

“It’s always exciting to start fresh and instill best practices from the beginning which sets up an airline for long-term success.”  

About Arajet

Arajet is the first low-fare airline in the Caribbean region and will commence operations in 2022 from its base at Las Americas Airport in Santo Domingo, under its airline operator certificate (AOC) from the Dominican Republic. Arajet will operate a new fleet of Boeing 737-8 aircraft that provide safe and affordable travel to and from the Dominican Republic to several destinations in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean region. For more information, visit