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I’m taking the lead to ensure first-to-market position,

leveraging synergies to move the needle in this critical mission.

Socialize but take offline this vertical I will be pleading,

to focus on core competency and remain industry leading.

If you really think it’s a good idea, I will run it up the flagpole with Mr. Stern,

rightsizing the paradigm shift in the enterprise to avoid churn.

The Amazon-ization of retailing in airline commercial is the net new,

driving innovation is our core DNA known only to a select few.

A.I. dependent digital transformation in a world of Uber and Airbnb is the newest next,

it’s bad enough having to listen to buzzwords and now you get to read it in text.

Can anyone tell me what any of the above meant disregarding the tenses,

I’m not trying to boil the ocean just trying to hit our sweet spot and drive consensus.