Traveling in December, then your chances are great, 
to run into one of them at your departure gate. 

Decked out in athleisure with a book in hand, 
but not particularly interested in where they land. 

For them this trip is different and something they would rather avoid, 
but take it any way they do or risk a year of travel being destroyed. 

You see, this is the time of year when the panic sets in, 
triggering the ensuing mileage run bookings to begin. 

It's the thing the elite members dread about their travel hiatus, 
the calendar resets, and they know they're about to lose their airline status. 

I remember when it happened to me a few years back, a horror untold, 
faced with the reality of being knocked down from 1K to Gold. 

I vowed to prevent it from ever again occurring, 
but now that feared inevitability is yet again stirring 

Remain elite in 2020 a quest I will not tire, 
but if all else fails…Oscar please, please, please I beg you don't let my 1K status expire