Corona cooped us up for four months in our apartment

Leaving a distant memory of flying and appreciating what “to depart” meant.

Last minute decision to book a trip to reset mentally

And see what a flying rebound could look like experimentally.

The airline bombarded us with information up to the day of the flight

And even forced us to print out forms without which we would sit tight.

Showed up at the airport with everyone maintaining social distance

Wearing masks, washing hands, rules being followed with consistence.

Boarding was surprisingly normal with passengers doing so at their choosing

Once on board everyone masked up, sitting quietly while we were cruising.

The flight was routine until landing, then it turned chaotic

At customs, all rules went out the door which seemed rather idiotic.

No distancing and minimal mask use at our destination

Lack of clarity on local guidelines only added to the frustration.

To now read of growing numbers of cases in some countries is not too surprising

Policies and procedures need to be monitored to identify those worth revising.                                        

The airlines were consistent in their procedures between their stations

But the authorities need to better coordinate policies between nations.

Traveling and the change in perspective did exactly as intended

And made me yearn for the days when all restrictions on travel are suspended.