Welcome to The Art of Flying, our expressionistic take on the "art of the aviation experience." This is part of a regular series of commercial aviation commentaries in the form of poetry by Kambr Inc.'s Martin Kaduc. Here, Martin spells out what the novel coronavirus has meant for the airline industry.

is for the chaos that you've caused

O is for flight operations that you've paused

R is for the revenue suddenly leaked

O is for the financial officers you've freaked

N is for not knowing when this hysteria will pass

A is for assuming the traffic will return after en masse

V is for the virus you're spreading from shore to shore

I is for the insurmountable uncertainty we've never seen before  

R is for the reduction in traffic you've impacted

U is for the underlying KPI's you abstracted

S is for the travel related stock prices you've caused to tank

C is for the resulting Chap 11 filings that will most likely crank

O is for the outlook that your presence has muddied

V is for the variety of industries you've bloodied

I is for the individuals looking for your vaccine

D is for the directive to keep all hands clean

1 is for the wish that everyone around the world stays protected

9 is for the fingers crossed hoping the best for those already affected