Welcome to The Art of Flying, our expressionistic take on the "art of the aviation experience." This is part of a regular series of commercial aviation commentaries in the form of poetry by Kambr Inc.'s Martin Kaduc.

Social distancing is suddenly part of our daily vocabulary

And a topic of debate as to how many passengers airlines can carry

Lots of discussion about the blocking of the middle seat

But the application of it becomes problematic, just look at fleet

Take a 2x2 configuration, blocking would knock off 50% of availability

Turning those planes into even a bigger financial liability

Then there is the practical matter and let us be blunt

Maybe no one next to me but 30 inches separates the person behind or in front

If the 2-meter rule is really enforced here is another problem to submit

There’s not enough room for two pilots in the cockpit

I get the psychological factor of trying to appeal to the flying population

But the practical effectiveness of the measure is not up to determination

So, let’s be honest about the reality of flying and reframe this debate

Social distancing on a plane will be a challenge with or without a seatmate