Kambr Media’s parent company is preparing for the full impact of the digital transformation on airlines’ commercial processes. 

Kambr Inc., the parent company of Kambr Media, has closed a $4 million seed round to fully launch its software, advisory, and digital content divisions. (Read the release here; for the Kambr executive team's individual stories, click here; and AdExchanger's coverage can be found here.)

The company has moved quickly since its official beginnings in Amsterdam, New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angles this past Feb. 2019 to assemble a team of airline industry professionals dedicated to meeting carriers’ ever-intensifying technological and analytical demands. 

Kambr Inc. has positioned itself as a provider of solutions for airlines seeking to increase revenues. Structurally, Kambr Inc. is a holding company supporting individual divisions that can provide custom technology solutions, as well as machine learning and analytics supported by insights from its experienced team of consultants, journalists, and marketing staff. 

By establishing distinct Software, Advisory, and Media units, Kambr expects to “usher in a new era of thought leadership, commercial intelligence, and demand management,” the company said in a press release. 

“Commercial operations at airlines today are suboptimal at best. The goal of Kambr and its family of companies is to provide the insights, guidance and software; not only to create a better existing infrastructure for airlines, but to propel the entire industry forward,” said Kambr co-founder and CEO Jason Kelly.

“This future includes consumer centricity, total funnel management, complete commercial control and the end of silos.” 

Investors And Team 

The seed round includes backing from Founder Collective, Global Founders Capital, Studio VC, Silicon Badia, C2 Ventures Capital Partners, and TXV Partners.

"When investing in startups, we look for entrepreneurs with unique insights on a market, exceptional product sensibilities and a bias towards execution," said Micah Rosenbloom, Managing Partner at Founder Collective.

"The Kambr team is accomplishing major feats in a market most have considered impossible to innovate in, and we're confident that they're charting a path to success." 

In addition to Kelly, Kambr’s co-founders are Martin Kaduc (see his Kambr story here) and Michael Peters on Software and Solutions, and Chris Anthony (his tale is here), who heads up the Kambr Advisory Group. 

The leadership team is rounded out by Chief Technical Officer Alex Kalyvitis, Head of Advisory Services Steve Hendrickson, Kambr Media Editor-in-Chief David Kaplan, and Media Managing Director Joseph Vito DeLuca.   

A Transformative Era For Travel 

Kambr Media is an independent news site offering news and analysis at the intersection of commercial aviation and the technology tools that support that industry.  

As a subsidiary of Kambr Inc.Kambr Media and its editors, reporters, and contributors are committed to the universally recognized principles of unbiased reporting and integrity in the gathering, writing, analyzing, and disseminating of information and news about the business of commercial aviation. 

That commitment to serving as an honest news organization is our promise of transparency to our readers and sources, as well as to our parent company, with respect to its existing and potential client relationships. 

But does the world need another publication to chronicle what’s happening in aviation and tech? 

Let’s put it this way: As the travel tech marketplace is poised to reach $1 trillion with 11 percent annual growth rates, it helps to have a news organization singularly focused on providing additional perspective in an area that is otherwise viewed diffusely through the larger lens of primary airline performance metrics and personalities. 

As a unit within Kambr, our reporting focus is committed to the development and growth of commercial aviation, for the benefit of the industry and the new breed of technologically savvy passengers who seek more on-demand, personalized services in a world that is more connected – and increasingly more traversed –than ever in the history of aviation.