New research from Kambr's parent company Amadeus has found that global air travel search is nearly at pre-pandemic levels. Amadeus Travel Pulse air travel search data reveals that for the first four months of 2022, search volumes around the globe have been increasing, almost reaching that of 2019.

Diving into the Data

Global search volumes in the last week of April were only 3% down versus the same period in 2019. And what's an even more positive signal is the search volume of individual markets. A number of key markets (some of which are detailed below) saw increases in search volume:

  • Mexico: +69% global search volume
  • Canada: +29% global search volume
  • US: +7% global search volume
  • India: +47% domestic search volume
  • Italy: +82% domestic search volume
  • UK: +35% intra-regional search volume
  • France: +38% intra-regional search volume
  • Argentina: +24% international outbound search volume

Overall, domestic searches in the last week of April are 4% higher than in 2019, while Intra-regional searches in the last week of April were 4% down versus 2019. International search volume was 7% lower compared to 2019.

As for search comparisons to last year, the first four months of 2022 are on average 69% ahead of the same period in 2021. April peaked coming in at 94% above last year's searches.

What Does it Signal?

These upticks in search volume are a very strong signal as the aviation industry continues its recovery. “It is incredibly encouraging to see such a strong appetite for travel around the world," said Debbie Keller, Senior Vice President, Data and API Ecosystems, Amadeus.

"Air travel search queries are one of the important data sets we study to learn about traveler sentiment and how markets are responding to quickly changing circumstances. This view of the travel ecosystem can reveal a lot about traveler confidence and willingness to travel."

Adding additional insight into the data, Amadeus published a follow-on blog post written by Martin Cowen. He also views the rising search volumes as an indicator of consumers intent to travel more.

“It is incredibly encouraging to see such a strong appetite for travel around the world."

Cowen provides meaningful context to the recovery pattern, writing, "the patterns for domestic, intra-regional and international reflect how the travel market usually comes back after an external shock.

After so much uncertainty, it’s good to be able to share something familiar and reassuring from the data."

There is much reason to be optimistic about air travel moving forward. These search volumes illustrate the industry is already inching close to 2019 levels —while even outpacing them in some markets — and overall continues a steady climb forward year over year.