It is 9am ET on Thursday morning as I write this. The fear and uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic continue their assault on all our psyches and the lives of everyone around the world.

The ability to say anything evaluative that rests sanely, helpfully between the twin poles of empty cheerleading (“stay calm, maintain a business as usual posture…”) and irresponsible fear-mongering (“this is the end!”) can feel equally futile.

But while this moment is daunting for a news site that was formed to cover how technology is changing the way airlines operate, Kambr Media is, more than ever, dedicated to finding ways to help during this pandemic.

Here’s how Kambr Media, along with its parent company, Kambr, and its siblings, Kambr Advisory Group and Kambr Solutions, plan to help:

  • Tracking and distributing demand and pricing data so that the airline industry can chart the depths of the crisis and see where and when recovery is occurring.
  • Focusing on how airline professionals' jobs are impacted by this shock and what tools they’ll need now to do their jobs effectively.
  • Showcasing ingenuity: What new solutions are available to airlines? How do they work?

We believe the travel industry will bounce back. We believe people will want to fly as soon as it is safe and affordable. The shock was fairly sudden, and the comeback will be in fits and starts at best over the next few months. We want to be able to demonstrate where the return is emerging and how, as well as what the airline industry’s difficulties and opportunities are.

At the moment, our societies are frozen in place by social distancing, which has led to widespread frequency and route cancellations by most airlines around the world.

This painful, moment will pass. Yes, the recovery will be challenging to achieve. But we believe that it will be a period of new appreciation for the things we’ve taken for granted, including the joy of travel.

We take this moment very seriously and we will attempt to approach these next days and months with extreme sensitivity.

From a news site perspective, we will explain how airline commercial teams' jobs will change. We will help identify the immediate issues facing the industry. And we’ll highlight the potential solutions that will help the aviation industry continue to serve the traveling public.

While we may be physically isolated for a time, solutions to the effects of the novel coronavirus will ultimately be found in rebuilding our communities. The aviation industry is one such community. And air travel will be a major part of the restoration of connections that have been so fundamentally disrupted.

We look forward to doing our small part in supporting efforts to improve the health of this essential, life-affirming business, and to reconstruct the community that has made so many exchanges, connections, and relationships possible.

This is a new conversation and we welcome your ideas, your stories, your conversation.

To get the conversation started, we have one question to airline industry professionals from revenue management to networking planning to passenger services to the c-suite:

How can we help? Reach out to us

In the meantime, we wish you strength, the fullest health and heart, and hope for you, your colleagues, your loved ones. Here's to supporting the entire industry and all the companies, their people, and the travelers who will be the ones to make this world move in the right direction again.