IATA held the latest edition of its Dynamic Offers Forum last week, which couldn't be more timely. One of the hottest areas in commercial aviation revolves around how airlines are promoting airfare and ancillaries to travelers. The industry is making enormous progress in pricing, personalization and digital retailing.

Along with airline executives, IATA invited a hand full of innovative tech companies, which are building all new ways for airlines to capture demand. Among the invitees was Kambr. The company's Chief Product Officer, Michael Peters talked about how Kambr enables dynamic offers in revenue management.

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His presentation included a case study of how Kambr implemented a continuous pricing solution for Norwegian startup airline Flyr. What's most unique about Flyr's pricing setup is 100% of the airline's sales are sold through New Distribution Capability (NDC) with a bucket-less reservation system.

Watch the video below to get all the details and learn how Kambr is helping Flyr to achieve incremental revenue gains.

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