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The airline industry is a tumultuous space, especially during the everchanging times of today. The last year has provided a true measuring stick for incumbent airlines, while also providing a platform for fledgling startups to arise.  

“Economic realities have flushed out unsustainable business models and those unadapted to changing market conditions,” said Chris Anthony, managing director, Kambr Advisory [Full disclosure: Kambr Advisory is a sibling of Kambr Media, both of which operate independently within Kambr Inc.] “The advent of the internet rearranged travel commerce; airlines that embrace and leverage technology will proper most in the digital era.” 

This is made no more apparent than by examining the number of airlines that went into and out of business during this calendar year. While much has been discussed about the number of airlines going bust recently, it’s fascinating to see that more airlines were incorporated to this point in 2019 than ceased operations.   

In total, 19 scheduled carriers ceased operations, while 24 have started, according to data from ch-aviation. Rather than signifying aviation doomsday, it better illustrates the changing of the guard taking place in the industry. The changing landscape and rise of new technologies are pushing out the old regime in favor of more agile and more adaptable players.  
For the full breakdown of airlines coming and going, check out our newest infographic below.

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