John, Jon, Justin and I were the most recent newbies to join a group very much in fashion,
But first we had to pass training with Dr. Curtis to ensure we understood the calculation of linear regression.

Revenue Management at Southwest Airlines, I knew what this meant
I was going to be responsible for managing annual revenues of roughly eight percent.

But it also meant frequent visits from a guy who would captivate a room when he spoke,
And add to his presence with the lingering smell of smoke

At my first meeting he introduced himself and told me I looked like shit,
then bellowed out that laugh of his and charmed everyone in the room with his humor and wit.

Herb Kelleher was a one-of-a-kind who left a lasting impression on those he met,
And proved success was possible in a business centered around transporting people on a jet.

So at the news of his passing a year ago I suspect my reaction was similar to those in his fandom,
Sad at the loss, but smiling at the memories of the legend from Camden.