ow may be a peculiar time for commercial aviation software to be acquiring, training and onboarding customers, but that’s precisely what’s happening with Kambr Inc.

Remote-First Culture

Kambr announces the successful implementation of Ural Airlines and Sky Airline to its revenue management platform.

The implementation and onboarding are made possible because of the organization’s combined approach of consultancy and software, led by the collaboration between its Kambr Solutions and Kambr Advisory divisions.  

“In the midst of this pandemic, they found ways to work with us 100% remotely to achieve a virtual, contactless implementation,” said Kirill Skuratov, Commercial Director - First Deputy General Director, Ural Airlines.

While many organizations scrambled to restructure themselves with employees working from home, Kambr Inc.’s remote-first nature uniquely positioned the organization to maintain focus and energy on customers instead of internal process overhaul.

“Given our multiple business units and global geographic distribution of our team, we have always been remote by default,” said Kambr Inc. CEO and co-founder Jason Kelly. “This not only has helped us internally but has positioned us to pass on these benefits to our customers and partners with how we service and collaborate with them.”  

Analysts-Focused Software Approach

Of course, onboarding and customer success management only takes you so far, the real hook for airlines has been the software company’s analyst-focused revenue management approach.

“Kambr has a strong product vision which fits well with our strategic objectives. The integration of Amadeus real-time data has led to significant productivity gains,” said Skuratov.” In addition, we highly value the Kambr team’s expertise and support.”

"Kambr shared their idea for developing a system that could incorporate real decision-making capabilities."

While some are aiming to minimize or even replace revenue analysts with artificial intelligence, Kambr Solutions’ approach is to empower analysts by giving them the insights and tools that are currently lacking in the industry.  

"Kambr shared their idea for developing a system that could incorporate real decision-making capabilities, not just move old methods into the cloud,” said Pablo Pavón, Head Revenue Management & Network Planning at SKY Airline

“It's more user friendly, it's more automatic. It’s a system that allows you to conduct actions with a few clicks instead of having to navigate through multiple screens."

Check out Pavón’s complete interview with Kambr Media

By creating a symbiotic connection between analysts and software, Kambr Solutions strives to help airlines make better revenue management decisions faster. Some of the benefits include:

  • Streamlined analyst workflow: perform both analysis and action directly in a single workspace – less task switching, manual tasks and reliance on Excel
  • Automation Intelligence: analysts tell the system what to automate through simple ‘IFTTT: If This Then That’ style automation interface – providing complete transparency in automation
  • ‘Bring your own’ Data Science: apply the best performing model for a given scenario whether your own in-house models or a 3rd party
  • Overall analysts will make better decisions, faster, across a larger set of flights which has a compound effect on improving revenue.

Airline-Driven Product Development

In addition to providing clients with the necessary onboarding, guidance and software to succeed, Kambr’s success lies in continually working closely with clients during development to ensure they’re building the exact tools airlines need.  

“Post-go-live, we receive regular product updates and are afforded the opportunity to provide our input into feature development and the future roadmap,” said Skuratov.  

Pavón echoed similar sentiments, "We participate as co-developers where we could focus in areas that we found most important, being able to 'tailor make' the system we would like to have."

Having this level of engagement and direction from airline operators is quintessential to propelling the industry forward and creating a better overall commercial process.  

“The demand shock isn’t the problem itself, it’s highlighted problems that were already there,” said Kelly. “Kambr Solutions remedies all of these problems by helping airlines to do more with less, shifting workflows from time-based management of flights to opportunity-based management, and lifting analysts out of rigid constraints established by legacy systems.”