As Kambr wraps up the year with a dozen software customers under its belt and soon embarks on its fourth year, the company is no longer a plucky startup, but a fully entrenched player with a clear product-market fit.  

Accelerating Implementation

Leading Kambr into its next phase of growth and maturation is Ken Gould as the company’s first Chief Operating Officer. Gould brings with him a wealth of commercial aviation experience including 15 years at Navitaire, spanning global SaaS and transport with a wide variety of operations, business, commercial, technical and team building skills.  

“It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to bring in talent of Ken’s level and accomplishment, who is also a precise fit in terms of culture and background. Therefore, it was a no brainer to augment our leadership team with his experience and abilities,” said Jason Kelly, CEO, Kambr.  

“What lies ahead for Kambr is too good to pass up! I just had to be a part of it."

Under Gould’s watch Kambr is in the midst of optimizing its organizational structure from top to bottom in order to increase its velocity and production. His leadership is already paying dividends as the organization has been able to implement four Navitaire’s New Skies® digital reservations and retailing solutions customers onto its Eddy platform in a matter of just six weeks.

Open Skies Ahead

With several airlines in tow, a strong pipeline, beneficial partnerships and a talented team, a tremendous opportunity is in front of Kambr, and that is precisely what attracted Gould to the company.  

“So many aspects all came together at the right time to create the perfect alignment between where Kambr is as a business and where I am both personally and professionally,” said Ken Gould, Chief Operating Officer, Kambr.  

“Most of all what lies ahead for Kambr is too good to pass up! I just had to be a part of it. We’re already accomplishing remarkable things together and this is only the beginning. When it is all said and done, Kambr will be one of the most influential companies in commercial aviation.”