Martin's entirety of poetic work can be viewed here.

The spark started in Seattle over dinner.
An idea was born which we knew was a winner.
Ahead of its time back then for the market.
Hard to get any traction with customers so we decided to park it.

Five years later the scene different and interest suddenly there.
Had a call to reignite the idea and see how it would fare.
Consensus reached so decided to make the leap.
Quit our jobs and went all in deep, deep, deep.

An Inc. was formed and moved to Wilton living out of 2B.
Knocked on investor doors looking for a million dollars or three.
Shipped it to Holland the land where Heineken freely flowed.
And got a group of engineers to join us to begin writing actual code.

An Advisory arm was formed with a mission to help airlines with productivity.
And a Media unit shortly followed to report on airline commercial activity.
It has been a hell of a ride already; the rest will be a clamber.
Now stayed tuned to next week as we announce yet another step on this journey we call Kambr.