Check out The Art of Flying, our expressionistic take on the "art of  the aviation experience." This is the third in a weekly series of  commercial aviation commentaries in the form of poetry by Kambr Inc.'s  Martin Kaduc. Read Martin's first poem in the series, Kleenex, here, and his second work, Redmond, here.

Can you imagine what they deal with daily yet most smile and exude a cordial feel,

I wouldn’t last one flight let alone make it out of training, I know this to be real.

To be away from home is hard enough but to deal with John Q. Public is not worth the salary paid,

especially when the passengers start fussing about why this or that flight is delayed.

Taking off and landing several times a day dealing with this group it would make me sick,

and then on top of it to be repeatedly summoned by the thirsty one with a constant button click.

Next time you’re flying tell them thanks for the great job they tend,

and give them the courtesy to pay attention to their safety demo or at least to pretend,

That’s another example, can you imagine repeatedly standing in front of a group who are ignoring,

the different ways to save their lives that you are imploring.

I would open the emergency door on half of us to send home with one stroke,

so appreciate your attendants next time you fly and do them a favor never order a diet coke*

*due to it’s higher level of carbonation, Diet Coke allegedly takes three times as long to pour at cruising altitude.