We've already blown past the first half of 2022 and the latest quarterly filings are pouring in.

Thus far, It's been another tumultuous year of commercial aviation, so we thought now would be a great time to take a step back and review the content that's resonated most with you our readers.

Let's have a look at our most read articles that we've published in the first half of 2022.

10. The New Perspective for Revenue Management

In a guest post, Hélène Millet shares the perspectives shared in the "Growing Revenue in Travel" Club on how revenue management is reinventing itself amidst a sea change.

"The first issue with current RM usage is straightforward: optimization should be done based on the wallet (what the customer buys: seats and services) versus only on seats. For most airlines, the RM department remains unbalanced, with most RM staff managing seats, while a couple of agents deal with ancillaries, whereas the expected revenue is more 50/50."


9. How Airline Competitive Fare Matching is Evolving

Tom Bacon gives insights into how airlines address competitive fares, looking at traditional methods and how the practice is evolving to facilitate modern times.

"Over the past ten years, real-time fare availability has been added to the traditional process. Competitive fare tracking now includes screen scraping other airline websites and other distribution channels to see what fares are actually available for customer purchase."


8. Airline Fare Bundles – A Step to Better Meeting Traveler Needs

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This was the first in a three part series from Tom Bacon looking into airline fare bundles, including the opportunities that exist and what's next for the pricing strategy.

"The bundling strategy builds on traditional airline revenue processes that recognize how the needs of passengers varies across flights."


7. Are Cryptocurrencies a Viable Payment Option for Airlines?

One of the hot topics within the last few years is crypto. Therefore, we investigated where is crypto’s place in air travel and should airlines embrace this alternative payment option?

"Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) announced in September 2021 that it would bring more than 300 airline members and travel merchants cryptocurrency payment options."


6. What Have Airlines Been Doing with NFTs and the Metaverse?

Within the same vein as cryptos of course are NFTs and the metaverse. Therefore, we also looked into what airlines had been doing in these spaces from selling tickets in new ways to airlines building their own versions of the metaverse.

"Qantas was the first airline to announce it would offer loyalty points to the initial buyer of a NFT."


5. Viva Aerobus Selects Kambr’s Eddy Platform to Unlock the LCC’s Real-Time Revenue Management with Streaming Data

One of our biggest customers announcements caught the attention of readers. Mexican LCC Viva Aerobus signed a software agreement to leverage Kambr’s Eddy software to empower its analysts with data-driven decision making and automation tools.

“Kambr is the perfect match for us, not just because of the mentality of its people and capability of its products today, but because of their vision and roadmap for the future of revenue management and commercial aviation as a whole.”


4. Bid Price - The Rosetta Stone of Revenue Management

As part of the content we offer, we provide educational material. Alex Matson took our readers back to school by explaining what a Bid Price is and how it is used as a pricing tool.

"The bid price is a separate concept from the fare that the airline should charge for the flight. The fare charged needs to be at least as high as the bid price, but the optimal fare to charge can vary depending on the market conditions."


3. What Has IATA Achieved So Far with Its NDC and ONE Order Distribution Initiatives?

One of the hot button topics in commercial is new distribution capability (NDC), so it's no surprise that a number of readers checked into this article. We took a look at existing information to see what was the latest with IATA's NDC and ONE Order.

"Together, NDC and ONE order make up IATA's new distribution standard, which keeps all relevant booking information in a single place, reducing distribution costs and enabling increased revenue through ancillary sales."


2. What NFTs and the Metaverse Mean for Airline Loyalty Programs

NFTs and the metaverse occupy to of our top article spots. For this article, we looked into our crystal ball and looked at how these emerging technologies could shape the future of airline loyalty programs.

"What if lounge access also meant getting membership to an exclusive digital world, so you can reap the benefits even when you are not flying?"


1. Amadeus Acquires Kambr to Expand Its Revenue Management Offer for Airlines

Number one should be no surprise! Of course, THE big news of the year was our most-read piece of content, when we made our official announcement about being acquired by Amadeus.

"This is the natural evolution of the relationship between the two companies as Kambr, and its revenue management solution, was already a key partner of Navitaire since 2021."


Thanks for following along on what's been an insane 2022. We can only imagine what the rest of the year has in store.