This Valentine’s day in lieu of “roses are red, and violets are blue”
Let’s expose a “lovely” part of aviation possibly only known to a few

Eric was a consultant on assignment at an airline in Prague
When he met Hana over a weekend who left him agog

Rosie was head of inflight for a startup named Flyi
When she met Scott, who was visiting from the city a mile high

Charles was running product for an airline Perth based
When he met Dong Chen and soon, they were interlaced

Eric was scheduling airplanes in SFO deciding where they would fly
When he met Rosaleen who at first didn’t give him an eye

Megan was interviewing for a job in revenue at WestJet
When Scott asked her questions he would never forget

Caroline was a flight attendant for Swissair on a business trip
When she met a passenger named Brigitte who made her heart skip

Kika was conferencing at an airline event, conversing with this and that
When she met Tinko and ended up having an extended chitchat

Melissa was working her daily list of spikes at Southwest, doing her part
When Justin joined the team and sped up her job and heart

A sampling of relationships created through aviation, each varied
Today all going strong and with each blissfully married