Excited as I was in December 2018 about beginning work on Kambr Media, there was a grain of skepticism in the back of my mind: 

Does the world need another online news publication? Will there be enough news about the intersection of commercial aviation and new technology? 

Certainly the goals we had in developing Kambr Media seemed worthy of daily coverage:  

To educate, inform, and advance interactive discussion about the news, trends, and issues associated with managing consumer air travel, booking, and the passenger service experience amid expanding digital touchpoints. 

The positive industry reception and rapid, consistent growth of Kambr Media since our official launch in April has answered my question in the affirmative.  Within two months of posting our first article, we received a note from a senior director of revenue analytics at a low-cost carrier: “Just wanted to personally say how much I enjoy reading your articles.  Every time it comes into my inbox, I stop and read.  I have started passing along to my staff as well." 

Since then, we’ve had the honor of being named an official media partner for major industry conferences from the World Aviation Festival, Aviation Festival Americas, and Boyd International Aviation Forecast Summit. 

The most gratifying part of representing Kambr Media is the recognition we receive from new and returning readers who appreciate our commitment to independent reporting, and analysis, as well as our profiles of the airline brands, aviation technology providers, and related industry vendors driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution (artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, automation, etc.) across the aviation space. 

On a personal level, having a window seat to witness the structural changes that are redefining the flying experience from the level of major brands down to the passenger experience has been revelatory.  

The airline industry currently employs 9 million people directly. And millions more are being hired within and around the industry. Air travel touches so many areas of social upheaval. For example, digitization and the balance among seamless e-commerce, personalization, and privacy is disrupting every facet of business and life. There are demographic and environmental transformations that are fueling the necessity for a colossal overhaul of the ways airlines offer and deliver their value to the travel marketplace. 

Having the opportunity to chronicle, and in so doing, to help shape those discussions is a historic opportunity. And it’s an opportunity that reflects the values and interests our parent company, Kambr Inc., is devoted to.  

By 2035, there will be 7.2 billion airline travelers annually – almost twice the 3.8 billion air travelers in 2016, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s 20-Year Air Passenger Forecast. Telling the story of how we all get to that point, and dealing with all the implications of that growth, is why we started in 2019.  

We look forward to diving ever deeper into the news and issues that drive the development and the related challenges of commercial aviation in 2020. In the new year, we’ll be staffing up and adding new editorial products designed to deliver industry facts that will help readers access original data and analysis they need. Plus, we’ll continue to profile and question the aviation executives and thought leaders generating technological advances. 

We welcome the insights and voices of the growing community of Kambr Media readers to help us continue to lift the conversation of these critical industry developments.