Now that the news has been shared about our collaboration with Navitaire, bringing together our revenue management system with their New Skies platform, we'd like to provide some additional context as to why, how it lines up with our mission and where we are heading.  

Catering to the Needs of the Low-Cost Carrier Market

Let’s start by answering the baseline question; Why did Navitaire and Kambr decide to collaborate and open the doors to share technical designs in a way that no other airline vendors have been willing to do before? The simple answer is that it was needed.

Now, let’s drill down and provide additional context around our thinking:  

  • The industry has suffered more than ever before and something drastic needed to change to help airlines get past surviving and give them the tools they need to truly thrive as passenger demand returns.
  • Airline revenue strategies have been disconnected from execution in distribution and offer management. Airline revenue teams have a comprehensive understanding of what passengers want but they can't always deliver the full offer because of system limitations and walls between systems and providers.
  • In most cases, airlines are dealing with overnight batch files and data delays between systems that prevent them from staying ahead of the market.
  • There is an opportunity to better serve airlines by proactively supporting system synergies without the need for airline personnel being stuck in the middle.
  • There are innovative solutions on the table that simply can't be supported end-to-end by a single provider - there needs to be a collaboration of ideas and subject expertise to deliver an effective comprehensive outcome.
  • Airlines have asked for it. Airlines have been brokering conversations between providers and hoping for something more to happen, but traditional thinking and ways of working have created barriers to any real breakthroughs.
  • The opportunity is huge. Passengers want more choice and flexibility — airlines want the same in their tech stack so they can deliver what passengers want. Together airlines can better serve their passengers and do so profitably. That's a win-win-win.

We’ve Always Been About Openness, Collaboration & Connectivity

This collaboration with Navitaire wasn’t something that happened in a vacuum. From Kambr’s inception, we’ve always been about creating an open system architecture and bringing the industry together for the collective good of commercial aviation. This alignment with Navitaire is a testament to that.  

Of course, we’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished as an individual company, but we’re even more excited about what we’ve been able to build through collaboration and shared goals between ourselves, our customers and our partners.  

For instance, it would not have been possible to build our continuous pricing solution without the help of our customer Flyr and support of Pribas. This is just one of many examples of how collaborating has propelled the industry forward.

"From Kambr’s inception, we’ve always been about creating an open system architecture and bringing the industry together for the collective good of commercial aviation."

While the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting demand shock have been unprecedented and downright terrible events, the way the commercial aviation industry responded and rallied together has been truly inspirational.  

It was quickly understood the only road to recovery was through mutual support and bridging gaps. We hope the industry holds on to this positive energy because this is the best way to build a long-lasting and strong ecosystem in which everyone benefits.  

As for what’s next on our horizon, we’ll continue to develop closely along with Navitaire to ensure continued innovation and future-proof products for our shared customers.

We’ll also be busy expanding our own ecosystem through additional integrations, APIs and partnerships to ensure that we can serve the market broadly.  

We believe and always have believed that airlines shouldn’t be tied down to rigid systems and forced to use time-consuming workarounds.

Instead, their technology should work for them and provide flexible solutions that adapt over time to meet their ever-changing business needs.

Does any of this strike a chord with you? You can learn more about the benefits of our partnership with Navitaire and contact us for a mutual discovery session.