Welcome to The Art of Flying, our expressionistic take on the "art of the aviation experience." This is the seventh in a weekly series of commercial aviation commentaries in the form of poetry by Kambr Inc.'s Martin Kaduc. Read Martin's first poem in the series, Kleenex, here, his second work, Redmond, here, his third entry, Spinners, here, his fourth poem, Coordinates, here, and his following item, Breathe, here, his sixth, Non-Rev, here, and his seventh, Bucket, here.


For some it’s the annual reward for doing a great job 

while for others it’s just another stop on the tour to deal with the mob. 

Industry conferences, love ‘em or hate ‘em they are part of the gig 

lots of free swag surely to never be used after the latest shindig. 

Met many attendees from this or that team 

but one stands out more than any other, her name: Christine. 

2009 and exhibiting at a conference in Barcelona was my task at hand 

when a girl with mesmerizing eyes stood out on the floor of the bland. 

That night at dinner we were seated next to each other like it was fate  

a few years later now and we just celebrated marriage anniversary number 8. 

One never knows who or what will rise from the conference sift 

maybe it’s not a life partner but certainly more power banks to later regift.