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/kambrɪən/ noun

one who works on behalf and manifests

the mission and spirit of Kambr

Our Core Philosophy 
is People First

Culture at Kambr

We are a group of talented engineers and airline industry veterans working together to build product solutions for today’s commercial aviation industry. We are global citizens. Our staff already hail from a dozen countries, and we extol the virtues of diversity, travel and the spread of ideas.  


Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best and we esteem courage, insight, trust, practicality, adaptability, creativity and mindfulness. 

Real Values

Below are our values; the specific behaviors and principles we hold in the highest regard. The more these values resonate with you, the more they describe your ideal colleagues and workplace environment, the more likely you will thrive at Kambr.   


  • Speak your mind, even if controversial 

  • Question and challenge the status quo 

  • Take calculated risks, undeterred by possible mistakes 

  • Confront vulnerability in the search for truth 


  • Inspire others with your thirst for excellence 

  • Nurture bonds with your teammates in the pursuit of Kambr’s success

  • Acquire knowledge rapidly and eagerly 

  • Seek alternative perspectives in the quest for wisdom 


  • Embody reliability, candor, authenticity, transparency and impartiality 

  • Say it to someone’s face or don’t say it at all 

  • Admit your errors freely and do not apportion blame to others 

  • Respect everyone, regardless of opinions or disagreements 


  • Champion your colleagues’ efforts and outputs 

  • Identify root causes, moving past the treatment of symptoms

  • Boost agility by minimizing complexity and searching for simplification 

  • Stress the importance of proven utility over unmeasurable theory 


  • Embrace change, do not fight against it 

  • Apply flexible but rigorous methods to mitigate ambiguity and uncertainty 

  • Plan strategically but maneuver tactically when necessary 

  • Appreciate the long term, even in the face of near-term demands 


  • Generate and share ideas with an eye to functionality and value 

  • Conceptualize issues to remove obstacles before they become problems 

  • Examine prevailing assumptions; there are no sacred cows 

  • Imagine the future, unconstrained by the present 


  • Exhibit confidence and, in equal measure, modesty 

  • Listen, comprehend and consider before reacting 

  • Maintain poise, calmly managing trying situations 

  • Recognize your preferences and acknowledge the inclinations of others 


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