How Airlines Are Recovering From COVID-19 - Global Flights Dashboard

Disclaimer: Although the data used in the Aero 80 has been produced and processed from third party sources believed to be reliable, no warranty is made regarding accuracy, adequacy or completeness of this information. Errors/Bugs may occur and changes may be periodically added to the information herein. With questions, corrections & recommendations please get in touch here

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NOTE: These data do NOT reflect the dynamics of longer term flight schedules. Many carriers publish a larger set of flights for travel periods farther out, only to adjust them later as those travel periods approach and they have improved insights on projected demand, aircraft availability and other factors.

What is the Aero 80 Flight Data Dashboard?

The data in this dashboard reflects worldwide flight operations of 80 airlines comprising Kambr's Aero 80 Index. It measures the actual performance of flights as compared to the intended supply offered by the carrier in the prior days, as expressed by their published near-term schedules.

What is the Airline Completion Factor?

A statistical measure often called "Completion Factor" is calculated by dividing metrics for those flights actually operated by those for all flights scheduled. In ordinary times, completion factors tend to be around 99% +/- for most carriers unless they are forced to cancel large portions of their ops.

Typical causes of cancellation relate to extreme weather, aircraft mechanical failures, and crew shortages, among others. But, during the extraordinary times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines are choosing to cancel flights due to low demand.

As such, these data reveal much about carriers' willingness to supply capacity (Yr/Yr schedules) and in many cases their disappointment over passenger loads booked (Yr/Yr completion factors).

Use the Aero 80 Flight Data Dashboard to answer questions like

  • Which airlines are recovering and increasing their flights operated quickest? (Filter by Airline/Region/Country/Carrier Type)
  • Which flight routes are the most popular? (Filter by Arrival/Destination Airport)
  • What are the week over week trends in flights operated, cancelled and completion factor?