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Who We Are

We are a group of talented engineers and airline industry veterans working together to build software solutions for today’s commercial aviation industry. We represent industry geeks of every kind: frequent flyers, coding fanatics, plane spotters, and open source contributors. We are passionate and want to challenge the state of commercial aviation by looking at the problem from a different perspective. We believe intelligence and automation will yield better returns. We believe in lean thinking and, with continuous improvement, we focus on delivering value.

What We Do

We build commercial software solutions for airlines looking to challenge the status quo of enterprise applications. Using modern approaches to software development, we help airlines maximize their revenues.

  • We build REST APIs to enable our web application to capture our users’ workflow;

  • We integrate and consume data from systems used by airlines;

  • We use modern languages like Kotlin and Spring Boot to increase our productivity and align with best practices;

  • We deploy our code multiple times per day using Docker, Terraform and Kubernetes;

  • We release Virtual Machine Images using Packer.

What We're Looking for

As a Technical Lead, you are leading the engineering team in building high-quality solutions. With your proven experience in multidimensional data structures, you are responsible for technical decisions made as it relates to frameworks, engineering practices, and high-performance tooling.

  • You are a team-player, able to motivate and coach other developers by ensuring they can do their work in the best way possible;

  • You determine the technical exploration scope of epics and features, and proactively seek for more information if business requirements are missing;

  • You have good communication skills, meaning even when you are confident in what needs to be done, you are able to validate the opinions of others being their sounding board;

  • You take ownership of your work and will see your projects from inception to production;

  • You have eye-for-detail, strive for high quality but you are also pragmatic;

  • You are not afraid to make mistakes, admitting them and expose that you don’t know something and need help from others;

  • You take software engineering practices seriously and capable of setting up and maintaining a solid engineering culture.

What You'll be Working on

  • Exposing functionality as RESTful resources that capture the users' workflow with Spring Boot and Spring Data REST;

  • Optimizing database (PostgreSQL) interactions using caching, materialized views, indexing, or aggregation;

  • Building integrations using Spring Batch;

  • Securing our application using modern and powerful technologies like OAuth2 and SAML;

  • Handling authorization using RBAC/ABAC techniques and ACLs;

  • Deploying and scaling applications as Docker containers in our Kubernetes cluster;

  • Creating IFTTT style workflows using serverless functions and message queues.

What We Want/Requirements

  • Minimum 6-year experience in the role of a developer;

  • Deep knowledge of architecting multitier architectures;

  • Deep knowledge in architecting and tuning multidimensional data structures in RDBMS (PostgreSQL experience is a plus);

  • Deep knowledge in task management operations via SQL;

  • Experience in various ORM-frameworks and/or Object-Oriented Querying frameworks;

  • Experience with the Spring Framework and its components;

  • Exposure to various architectural patterns that enable maintainable, scalable, high-performance web applications.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary and benefits;

  • A culture where people come first;

  • Clear and structured career path designed for progression;

  • Fast-growing and global team focused on challenging the status quo;

  • A team passionate about client happiness, aviation, and quality of service;

  • An environment where all are expected to work hard, but love what we do, and have fun doing it.

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