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Kambr 2019 To 2020: Capturing Lightning in A Bottle

The sum of Kambr’s parts.

At this time last year, Kambr was still just an idea about advancing the needs of commercial aviation operators shared in the minds of four individuals.

Actually, Kambr was a series of distinct ideas.

And the idea that started with four minds is starting 2020 with plans to grow beyond its current 30 employees stretched across Amsterdam, New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

This is a perfect moment to reflect on the multifarious concept that is Kambr: a software/solutions enterprise connected to advisory/consulting and media/publishing/marketing businesses — and how we plan to make lift happen for airlines and related vendors over the next 12 months.

On the software/solutions side, co-founder Michael Peters outlined the lessons learned following the initial product strategy that was established nine months ago and where we are today: Alpha was our first attempt to translate our product vision into the application itself; the first step from product prototypes into a solutions framework. Now, we are setting ourselves up for the next step; Beta release. Wherein we pencil in all the required functions in the framework with the goal to have our customers use the features.

In his new year preview, Chris Anthony, who heads up Kambr Advisory Group, notes “2020 will also herald the birth of a pivotal new product as we join with our Solutions team to launch brand new software into the world. Together with Kambr Media, we shall aim to take commercial aviation thought leadership to new heights.”

On the marketing side, Joseph Vito DeLuca highlights the symbiosis being forged at Kambr Inc. among how we work, how we service clients, commerce, and media.

There is a lot of work to do. For David Kaplan, editor of Kambr Media, that means putting the challenge that airlines face at a time of enormous technological change into perspective: “The airline industry currently employs 9 million people directly. And millions more are being hired within and around the industry. Air travel touches so many areas of social upheaval. For example, digitization and the balance among seamless e-commerce, personalization, and privacy is disrupting every facet of business and life. There are demographic and environmental transformations that are fueling the necessity for a colossal overhaul of the ways airlines offer and deliver their value to the travel marketplace.”

Airlines can’t simply expect the rising global demand for air travel to allow them to coast through all the challenges. Being able to master personalization, dynamic pricing, the role of artificial intelligence/machine learning in updating operations from route planning to merchandising is essential as competition for greater number of fliers becomes more intense.

In a sense, solving for that issue is the single, unifying idea Kambr Inc. starts the year with. A new era of “how lift happens” starts now.



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