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It is incredibly difficult to understand and capture airline demand right now, we get it. It's not the time to chase far-off technological aspirations and the barrage of black box AI solutions promising demand at the push of a button.


There's only one thing that matters, and that's recovering revenue quickly. We’ve always believed that Revenue Analysts make the difference – you know your markets best.  

Our action-based demand intelligence platform will empower you with actionable data so you can make the best decisions as fast as possible. 

Your Challenges

Doing More with Less

  • Hiring is harder to justify and existing teams are expected to manage more data and more flights

  • A growing list of manual tasks is piling up

  • Efficiency, although paramount, is waning

Turning Data into Results

  • Reliability: what information is the most impactful?

  • Prioritization: where to focus your efforts?

  • Action: how to rapidly perform tasks?

Being Obstructed by Legacy Systems

  • Due to lack of innovation, you're forced to find workarounds, costing loads of time

  • You need to adopt new tools and processes to support the modern retailing environment

  • Current interfaces are not intuitive and not keeping pace with advances in digital practices


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Streamlined, Actionable Intelligence

  • Flight Inventory Management

  • Mass Apply Inventory Adjustments

  • Intelligent Optimization

  • Overbooking and Capacity Management

  • Data Extraction and Reporting

  • Dashboard Insights

Data Connection Technology

  • Interactive Data Visualization

  • Robust Data Discovery Capabilities

  • Trend Analysis and Pattern Recognition

  • Streaming Data for near real-time Actions

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Flight Control

Ancillary Services

Demand Forecasts

Data Science


Data Visualization

Flow Engine

  • Automatic Adjustments to Competitive Fares

  • Full Automation of Recurrent Workflows

  • Instant Action Building Events

  • Dynamic, instant notifications

  • API Connections


Manage More Flights & Generate More Revenue

  • Leverage new data sources to reduce siloed operations within commercial teams

  • Automate and streamline workflows, saving time for more impactful work

  • Optimized outcomes via machine learning

Less time on manual tasks More time on revenue

Generate incremental revenue for every flight

Receive More Insights to Work More Efficiently & Achieve Better Results

  • Configure data dashboard and workflow to support how you work best

  • Gain a competitive advantage through alternative data integrations

  • React faster with real-time streaming data at your fingertips

Empower Users Through Intuitive Data Visualization

  • Enable quick analyses to identify opportunities

  • Key info at your fingertips, no more hunting and pecking

  • Immediately know where and when to focus attention

Increase revenue by up to 4%

Want to Recover Revenue?

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