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It is incredibly difficult to understand and capture airline demand right now, we get it. It's not the time to chase far-off technological aspirations and the barrage of black box AI solutions promising demand at the push of a button.

There's only one thing that matters, and that's recovering revenue quickly. We’ve always believed that Revenue Analysts make the difference – you know your markets best.  

Our action-based demand intelligence platform will empower you with actionable data so you can make the best decisions as fast as possible.

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Current Challenges

More with Less

  • Hiring is harder to justify and existing teams are expected to manage more data and more flights
  • A growing list of manual tasks is piling up
  • Efficiency, although paramount, is waning

Data into Results

  • Reliability: what information is the most impactful?
  • Prioritization: where to focus your efforts?
  • Action: how to rapidly perform tasks?

Being Obstructed by
Legacy Systems

  • Due to lack of innovation, you're forced to find workarounds, costing loads of time
  • You need to adopt new tools and processes to support the modern retailing environment
  • Current interfaces are not intuitive and not keeping pace with advances in digital practices


Streamlined, Actionable Intelligence

Flight Inventory Management Mass Apply Inventory Adjustments Intelligent Optimization Overbooking and Capacity Management Data Extraction and Reporting Dashboard Insights

Data Connection Technology

Interactive Data Visualization Robust Data Discovery Capabilities Trend Analysis and Pattern Recognition Streaming Data for near real-time Actions

Flow Engine

Automatic Adjustments to Competitive Fares Full Automation of Recurrent Workflows Instant Action Building Events Dynamic, instant notifications API Connections Benefits

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Manage More Flights & Generate More Revenue

  • Leverage new data sources to reduce siloed operations within commercial teams
  • Automate and streamline workflows, saving time for more impactful work
  • Optimized outcomes via machine learning
Less time on manual tasks
more time on revenue.

Receive More Insights to Work More Efficiently & Achieve Better Results

  • Configure data dashboard and workflow to support how you work best
  • Gain a competitive advantage through alternative data integrations
  • React faster with real-time streaming data at your fingertips
Generate incremental revenue for every flight

Empower Users Through Intuitive Data Visualization

  • Enable quick analyses to identify opportunities
  • Key info at your fingertips, no more hunting and pecking
  • Immediately know where and when to focus attention
Increase revenue by up to 4%

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