Navigate the New Frontier

Getting an airline off the ground is hard enough, but establishing economic viability is even more challenging.

The Kambr team have worldwide experience launching and scaling critical commercial and have been involved in numerous airline startup projects. From concept or business planning stage to operational launch, Kambr has the domain expertise to give your airline a lift.

With a specialty in the pre-launch to launch phase, Kambr has Executive and Commercial experts experienced in all aspects required to start a successful airline. Kambr's hands-on approach will move your airline launch forward quickly to ensure a stable and sustainable platform for growth.

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Get Started Quickly With a Strong Foundation

With our lightweight and flexible revenue management system Eddy, you'll benefit from all of the features you need without being bogged down by those you don't.

Analyst Friendly
Quickly get up and running with agile, user-friendly software.
Fast Training
Painless Implementation
Expedite implementation and training of your staff.
Flexible System
Create a strong foundation with built-in process flexibility.
Scale with Your Business
Scale With Your Business
Leverage adaptive technology to quickly react to changing environments so you can scale as your business grows.
Online Booking
Incorporate Modern Digital Retailing
Have the infrastructure in place to incorporate a modern digital retailing environment.
Generate Revenue Right Away
Generate Revenue Right Away
Start winning revenue and customers from the start, when revenue generation is crucial.

Benefit From Direct Executive & Commercial Experience

We know because we've been there ourselves. We have unrivaled hands-on experience building the commercial functions of airlines. Not only is our software built for the modern era of retailing and commercial aviation, but we also pair it with our breadth of experience to guide you through challenges where most other startups fail.

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Get Started With Today's Technology Instead of the Systems of the Past

Begin with your best foot forward instead of starting a step behind! Establish a firm foundation with the right technology. Eddy's modular design allows you to start quickly and effectively now while providing all the functionality to scale in the future. 

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