Launch Your Airline with Kambr's Industry Expertise

Getting an airline off the ground is hard enough.
But establishing economic viability is even more challenging.

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Don’t fret, we have world-wide experience launching and scaling critical commercial functions for dozens of airlines and have been
involved in numerous airline startup projects. From concept or business planning stage to operational launch,
Kambr has the domain expertise to give your airline lift.  

With a specialty in the pre-launch to launch phase, Kambr has executive and commercial management experienced
in all aspects required to start a successful airline.  

Kambr’s hands-on approach will move your airline launch forward quickly to ensure a stable and sustainable platform for growth.

Kambr Can:

At the Executive Level:

  • Experienced C-level management on an interim basis.
  • Guidance and oversight for regulatory approvals.
  • Implementation planning and project management.
  • Organizational setup, KPIs and key accountabilities.
  • Search and selection of the senior team.
  • Recommendations on outsourcing and best practice cost management.

At the Commercial Level:

  • Reservation system selection and set-up.
  • Pricing and revenue management strategy and system setup.
  • Network planning including base analysis and route selection.
  • Effective sales and distribution strategies.  
  • Tailored eCommerce solutions.
  • Airline merchandising.
  • Branding, marketing and public relations for your market.
  • Guidance on ancillary revenue streams.
“When building our digital retailing infrastructure, Kambr was the only real solution for us because of their innovative approaches to pricing and revenue management. Where others see it too difficult or not possible, Kambr sees solutions and unique opportunities to lead commercial aviation forward.”
Tonje Wikstroem Frislid
CEO, Flyr (a 2021 Norwegian startup airline)

Our Extended List of Services Include:

  • Business modeling and planning.
  • Terms & Conditions.
  • Commercial process designs.
  • Commercial systems selection and/or implementation.
  • Team recruitment, selection and/or training.
  • Network planning and schedule creation.
  • Revenue management and ancillary practices.
  • Temporary supply of staff to supplement any commercial function.
  • Supplier negotiations.
  • Reporting/KPI structure & implementation.
  • Reporting structure and metrics.
  • Performance/KPI benchmarking.
  • Process designs and improvements.
  • Terms and Conditions.

Our People

The Kambr Advisory team are acknowledged experts in their field and are specifically selected for their ability to get things done as part of startup or existing management teams.

  • Industry and technical specialists.
  • Emphasis on extensive worldwide, cross cultural experience in line management positions.
  • Expertise focused on areas where technical capability is in short supply across the industry, or involving functions that are not cost effective or too specialized to operate in-house.

Why Choose Kambr Advisory?

  • We minimize risk while  maximizing opportunities  and lifting revenue.
  • We are passionate about what we do and have unique  “hands-on” expertise starting airlines.
  • We guide you through the common challenges  where most other startups fail.
  • We work directly as part of your team, providing practical input,  and undertaking operational and interim managerial roles.
  • We deliver unique solutions that are sustainable, and we can deliver to time and budget projects ranging from feasibility study to airline  startups or major restructuring programs.
  • Kambr Advisory believes in accountability and value for money!